Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December Daily Album

I saw Ali Edwards "December Daily" scrapbook project last year and thought it was a great idea, but decided I was way too busy to attempt it.  I saw her posts again this year during the weeks before December began and it got me thinking.  I was worrying a lot about how my broken leg was affecting our holidays and was frustrated with the way it was holding us back from a lot of the activities we normal enjoy.  I was worried that my kids would feel cheated and that I would feel cheated.  Then I started thinking that maybe the craziness of my leg being broken was going to make this one of those Christmas' my kids would never forget, so I decided if that was the case I was going to make it full of as many happy memories as I could and since we were going to be required to take everything more slowly than usual because of my leg, then I was going to make the most of it.  I hurried and put together this simple album.  I bought Ali Edwards' downloadable overlays with each day on them and using paper and supplies that I already had in my stash did a little bit of decorating.  It is not at all fancy, my goal was to make this easy enough that I would actually follow through with it.  I bought a cute 1 inch binder at Target and have tried to make sure I take a picture of something we do for Christmas each day.  If I forget to take a picture, then I make sure I write enough to fill the whole page.  We haven't done big things, but as we are reaching the halfway point of the month of December I am realizing that we have more family traditions than I realized.  I love the fact that when this Christmas is over, my kids will be able to look at this album and actually remember what we did.  Next year we will be able to sit down at a family home evening before the month of December hits and look through our album from 2010 and talk about what things we want to make sure we do again in 2011 and then add any new things we think of.  I am so glad I took the time to do this, I think it will quickly become a family treasure!

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