Sunday, December 6, 2009

Wombat Divine, by Mem Fox

If you have never read any of Mem Fox's books, you need too! She has been a favorite author of mine for a long time. I ordered this particular book from one of my Scholastic book orders when I was teaching. I hadn't heard the story, but knew that I loved Mem Fox. It was too religious for me to use in my classroom, but I love the story and love reading it to my children each year. This year it has been so fun to read from my collection of Christmas books with my nearly 3 year old daughter, because it is the first year she is really starting to grasp the stories. This one was a real hit. We read it 3 times in a row before she went to bed tonight. It is the story of a little wombat that is excited to be able to be in the Nativity play for the first time. He volunteers for every part, but nothing is right for him, he is always too big or too sleepy, or too clumsy, until the very end when his friends discover the perfect part for wombat.

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