Saturday, August 28, 2010

Free Books!

Please excuse the picture.  No matter how many times I try to rotate this picture in different programs, everytime I upload it, it flips back.  Does anyone know how to rotate a picture once it is in your post in blogger?  LAME!  It would help if I had an ounce of  innate computer sense! 
Anyway, I wanted to show this because this is how many free books we got today.  The certificates are $5 gift certificates to Deseret Book.  We went to the KSL sponsored Book Festival at the University of Utah this morning.  I went because they were supposed to have some local authors there and because my kids had done the KSL reading program this summer.  I was a little leary, I thought it would probably turn out to be a waste of time, but I really try to focus on reading with my family and I am willing to do just about anything that might encourage me kids to read, so we tried it.  Boy did we luck out.  I had hoped they might be giving each child one free book, but this was unbelievable.  When we got home my daughter said, "that was so fun mom, thanks for taking us."  I'm not sure where that amazing politeness came, but I am all about free, especially when it scores points with my kids.  The really amazing thing was that it was hardly crowded at all.  I think they are supposed to be making this an annual thing.  If they do, we will definitely be going again.

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