Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Make Your Own Pottery Barn Style Head Board

Here is my latest project from Ana White's Knock-off Wood website.  I am in the process of sanding and staining it, but making it has been so much fun!  I was really nervous to undertake this project because it involved using a nail gun, but my awesome friend Natalie said she would make one too so we could do it together.  A big thanks to my great brother-in-law, Bryant, who was willing to trust me with his nail gun, I'm not sure I would have trusted me with it.  The nail gun turned out to be the greatest part about this project.  It was so fun to use, once I got past being afraid of it.  If you don't believe Ana's projects are possible, you should.  Natalie and I went to Home Depot on Saturday with our cut list and left it with them to cut.  Then Monday morning after we dropped the kids off at school.  Between the two of us we have 4 kids under 3 that were all with us.  We started about 9:30 a.m. and were done by 1:30 building two queen size headboards and that included a trip to Home Depot because they cut one of our pieces and inch too short and move from the back deck to the garage due to rain.  The wood cost us $60 each and the name brand version costs $800. 


Colette said...

Hi, Heidi!! I'm so glad you found me! :) Fun ideas on your blog too... I love the THANKFUL bunting, that is so cute!

Team Beardshall said...

Um can I buy that from you for 800$!!!! It looks so great Heidi....when can we do something? Does she have the measurements for a twin bed? Something like that for Katy's room would be so great! Thanks for all your inspiring ideas! LOVE this blog!