Sunday, February 13, 2011

Football Valentine's Box

Coming up with a Valentine's box that is "cool" enough for a boy is not the easiest thing ever.  This one worked out to be perfect.  It was simple enough that my 3rd grader could really be involved in the design and because it was sports related, he was thrilled with it. 

shoe box
white electrical tape (could use masking tape also)
green construction paper
popsicle sticks
sharpie marker

First cut a hole in the top of the box for the Valentines to be dropped in.  Then cover the entire box with green construction paper.  Don't worry about making it perfect, when you are done covering the box in green paper you will take the electrical tape and cover the edges of all the paper.  This gives the box a more clean look and adds to feel of a real football field.  Use the popsicle sticks to creat goal posts.  You can glue them together if you want.  For speed and ease, we just wrapped electrical tape around the corners of our popsicle sticks and then used the electrical tape to tape them to the ends of the box.  Finally, I gave my son a sharpie and he went to town creating the field.  He loved drawing all the lines and trying to make it look exactly like his favorite team's stadium.  He even drew stick figure players and his own scoreboard. 

My visiting teacher dropped this off this weekend.  I have no idea where she got them, but I thought they were the cutest Valentine treat ever!  The best part was they are just regular glazed donuts, none of that nasty cream filling they put in some donuts shaped like this.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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brooke said...

My son would love that valentines box. I will have to tuck that into my file for next year!