Monday, February 22, 2010

Free Phonics Lessons    is one of my favorite kids websites.  Some friends who have done some homeschool pre-school and kindergarten directed me to this website and it is fantastic!  It starts with the very beginning phonics lessons and goes step by step to reading all with fun games and music.  The very best part is that it is free!  Phonics instruction is one of those things that is a basic necessity for reading, but is next to impossible to teach without a laid out program.  It needs to work step by step which is difficult for parents to do at home on their own.  I love the way this website allows you to come back to whatever stuff your child needs help with.  My current favorite thing to do is to assign my 7 year old to spend time going through parts of the website with his 3 year old sister.  He likes the time on the computer and it gives her some added exposure to the alphabet and frankly, any kind of phonics review is always good for my 7 year old.  I feel like it really cements his understanding when he is trying to explain things to his sister, although I had to laugh when I overheard him trying to explain sound "chunks" to his 3 year old sister today.  The best part is that she pretends to understand completely!  Anyway, when you have a minute, sit down and go through some of the starfall activities.  Although the graphics are not super exciting and the newest and greatest, the content is some of the best I have seen!

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