Sunday, June 6, 2010

First Birthday Pictures

My baby turned one this last week.  I can't believe how quickly this year has flown by!  The 9 months of her pregnancy seemed like it would never end and now it feels like I have hardly blinked and she is one year old.  My amazing sister-in-law has recently started her own photography business and she is amazing!  She does the most fun birthday photo shoots.  She came to my house on Brynne's birthday and took the most wonderful pictures ever of her smashing a birthday cake.  They are the best keepsake ever.  I struggle a bit with first birthday parties because the kids don't remember it, yet I feel like its something you should make a big deal about.  Her birthday has been particularly crazy because it has coincided with Blake's birthday and his baptism.  I have felt all kinds of mother guilt because I had to make the baptism the focus this weekend because that is so important and had to kind of let Brynne's birthday go for a few weeks.  Anyway, Amy helped with my guilt by coming over on Brynne's actual birthday and doing the cake photos.  Now I have a memory in pictures to show Brynne forever and I can do her first birthday party in a week or two when I have recovered from the baptism celebrations!  You need to check out Amy's photography blog.  Here's the link.  Her prices are way reasonable because she is just starting out and she is amazingly talented!  The cake smashing pictures are a definite must!


Rob Dog said...

You've been busy lady!! Blakes baptism was awesome! You guys did great!! Tell Brynne happy b day!! I am dying to see some of the pictures! Maybe you should send me some if your not posting them!! Hope you at least had a relaxing Sunday to recover some!!
Ps how did your table turn out?

Team Beardshall said...

Ha, we had a blast for sure. We got some great Cake Smash pictures for sure! Happy Birthday Brynne!!!! Cant wait for the party, you know how to throw those for sure! Thanks for having us enjoy the day with you!