Thursday, September 9, 2010

Knock-off Wood Project

This is what my garage looks like at the moment.  Don't look too close at the corners.  It desperately needs to be cleaned, but I wanted to show the project I have been working on for the last several weeks.  I love the webside Knock-off Wood and found this project on it a few weeks ago.  I have been dying to try my hand at making some furniture, but have been scared to give it a try.  I have been going through project plans over and over again trying to decide if there was something I dared attempt.  I saw this one and decided to go for it.  I felt dumb as could be pushing my cart of giant pieces of wood around Home Depot and then having to ask the guy at the cut table to make my list of cuts.  I had no idea if I was getting the right stuff, but I was completely surprised by how nice everyone at Home Depot was to me.  In the past, when I have asked for help there, I have often felt like I was treated like dirt, but this time, when I really felt like I had no idea what I was doing, everyone was completely helpful and nice.  I think it helped that I made sure to go at about 4:00 in the afternoon on a Saturday because my husband promised it wouldn't be crowded then and he was right.  It has turned out to be easier than I thought it would be and my husband, dad, and father-in-law have been super helpful.  At the moment I am having a terrible time waiting for coats of this:
to dry so I can show a finished piece!


Team Beardshall said...

That is going to be SO cute....about how much did you spend in the end? Let me know because that would defiantly be something that I am interested in doing! As far as the temple picture goes just right click on it and hit "save as" and save it to your desktop or wherever. Then go in to your design and add a gadgit. I think it's the add a picture one then just put as the link then it will take people there when they click on it. Let me know if you have any question!

Natalie Hansen said...

I am so impressed. I have always wanted to get into all this stuff and display projects on my blog. I need to stop my laziness and get on it, you totally inspire me. Awesome blog, can't wait to get going on the headboards.


Heidi said...

Thanks Nat! Send me the invite to your blog! Can't wait for the headboards. Amy, the wood cost me about $100. It was more than I expected, but it is much more solid than most of the stuff you would buy in the store. Part of the extra cost was I had to buy a little extra because of the way the wood comes at Home Depot, also the beadboard only came in a huge piece.