Thursday, September 16, 2010

One last post about the lockers

I promise this is my last post about these, but I wanted to show them off accessorized.  Knock-off Wood is really the most amazing website ever.  The baskets on the shelf are from IKEA and the ones on top are some I already had, but got awhile ago at Hobby Lobby.  I am so excited to use them for library books.  The ones above the lockers are going to be for hats and mittens and stuff for winter and maybe for goggles and swimming stuff for summer.


Jodi said...
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Jodi said...

You are my hero! I would love to get the guts to attempt on of their projects. You did an excellent job!!

We didn't get into that preschool but I am OK with it. We found another one and so far so good. We should still get together for a play date.

Team Beardshall said...

You are set now!!! What are you going to make next???