Monday, March 15, 2010

Best Ever Pancakes and Syrup

I have to start this post letting you know that as a teenager there was nothing I hated more than when my dad would decide to make pancakes or waffles on a Sunday night for dinner.  I absolutely despised pancakes and never, ever wanted to eat them.  It has only been the last couple of years that I have now decided that I love pancakes and I crave them all the time, especially on Sunday nights.  My son has now taken over my spot and complains bitterly, especially if I fix them on Sunday nights, which happens to be when I most crave them.  It's only fair right, I can't tell you how nasty I remember being to my parents about that Sunday night dinner choice.  I tried this new recipe I found Saturday morning, because I needed to feed my family something and cereal was not an option because we were completely out of milk.  Oddly, I happened to have some buttermilk in the fridge, so I could make this recipe.  I was a little freaked out because the batter was so thick and I usually like my pancakes nice and thin.  There's nothing worse than a pancake that is not cooked all the way through, but I am telling you, these pancakes are to die for and the syrup is even better.  I have tried several similar syrup recipes and while I have liked all of them, this one is the best one I have tried, it is so carmelly and wonderful.  I know, I know, they are not the healthiest things, but if you need a fantastic treat these are the ones.  I do actually have a whole grain waffle recipe that is healthy and really great too, but this is definitely a recipe you need to try!


brooke said...

Heidi--I'm so embarrased to say I just figured out this was your blog. I have been enjoying your comments on mine but didn't put it together that it was you.

I met your cute mom on Saturday--she was putting on the lunch for my whole family. It was delicious and she was a total sweetheart!

Wendy Olson said...

What's the recipe??

Heidi said...

Click on the word "recipe", there is a link to it.