Thursday, March 18, 2010

TLC's Hoarding: Buried Alive

I am not the best at throwing stuff away.  My youngest sister is really good at it.  I was talking to her the other day about how she needed to come out and help me go through some stuff because she will be brutally honest with me about what clothes need to go and stuff.  She told me that before I got ready to clean anything out I needed to watch the new show on TLC called "Hoarding:  Buried Alive".  I accidentally caught about 20 minutes of it last night.   My sister was not kidding!  This show will cure you of holding on to anything.  I only saw 20 minutes and I swear by the end I was sweating, I was so uncomfortable!     All day today it has stuck with me.  I keep finding myself going from room to room throwing stuff away!   My two biggest challenges for organization are paper and clothes.  I have really got to get on top of those things.  I also tend to be incredibly cheap when it comes to buying stuff for organizing.  I never want to spend the money all at once to buy enough rubbermaid containers to keep the outgrown clothes and stuff.  After seeing this show, spending the money on some organizational stuff seems a lot more worth it!  Does anyone have any great organizing tips?  What are your rules for saving outgrown children's clothes?  I am pretty good with my oldest, he's nearly 8, so a good majority of his stuff gets really worn out before he outgrows it so I can just throw it away.  It is my under 5 year old clothes that are such a pain!  Something else I could really use some good ideas for is kids art supplies.  I struggle because I want my older kids to be able to get to most of the supplies without help, paper, crayons, pencils, markers, but it is constantly a mess wherever I put it, plus making sure my baby can't get to it.  Let me know if you have any great ideas!  


Team Beardshall said...

I actually watched one of those shows and it was enough for me as well!!!! I feel that I am organized but at the same time Steve always throws everything away...and I'm not even that bad at keeping stuff (at least I think so). I dont have any good ideas about clothes. I guess you can always pass some of the stuff down... although I am imagining that the close that you know who goes through is no joke! He is always on the move! Hey with the art supplies stuff I have no clue but when you figure it out let me know!!! PS I never really noticed that you have too much stuff around.

brooke said...

I hoard boxes. I can never throw a decent box away (any size!) I always think I'm going to need it to wrap a Christmas present or something. But other than that, I chuck everything. Clothes are hard because I do have other kids that will wear them. Finally this year, I got into the tupperware (they are only 5 dollars each at Walmart!) and donated anything I didn't love to the DI. Even if it was perfectly good, I figured I would rather buy a few new things for each child and ditch the stuff that just isn't that great.

I throw away almost every paper that comes into the house immediately--even art projects. The kids will ask where something is and I get nervous because I know I threw it away. I have maybe one picture from each of them that they have made in the last year. I'm that bad!

Rob Dog said...

ha ha ha!! I have not had much time to check out blogs lately so I am a little late to the party here!! But this made me laugh!! I told you Hoarders would do it! It is pretty crazy stuff!! I cant believe you don't like buying organizing stuff!! I live for it!! Containers and bins and baskets, nothing makes me happier then to bring home just the right thing that gives you less clutter!!! I have a million ideas for you, my problem is I don't have the money to buy the real organizing stuff I dream of but you do, so let me live through you!!! :) jk but I do have lots of ideas for you so we just have to pick a time! 28 days till graduation!! (but I am not counting or anything!!)