Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sun Hat Re-fashion

This sun hat was Blake's when he was a baby.  He hardly ever wore it and it is a Gap one, so it is still in perfect shape.  We have a beach trip coming up and Brynne is the first child I have who is really fair-skinned.  I know she is going to be a real problem to keep from getting sun-burned.  This hat fits her perfectly and will be great for our trip, but nothing makes me more crazy than when people call my girls boys.  They don't have tons of hair, but I swear people are crazy when it comes to clothes and babies.  I took Brynne out to do errands with me the other day and she happened to have on jeans and a gray hooded jacket.  The jacket was a swing style jacket with pleats and big girly buttons and the fabric actually has some glittery sparkles in it, but I cannot tell you how many people complimented me on what a darling little boy I had.  Seriously, I was ready to scream by the end of my shopping trip.  Anyway, I decided if Brynne is going to be living in this hat on our trip, I needed to girl it up a bit, so here is the new and improved girl sun hat:
What do you think?  Will this keep her from being mistaken for a boy?  I just cut a little strip of some fabric I had in my stash.  I set my sewing machine to the largest length stitch and sewed a straight line along the edge of the fabric strip.  I pulled the top thread on one end to make it ruffle (I am attempting to learn how to make ruffles, they are pretty easy, but pulling the string to gather them is pretty time consuming).  Then I twisted it into a flower shape and hand sewed it together.  I added a button center and some twisted green gingham ribbon for leaves.  The whole project took me about half an hour.


brooke said...

Darling. Nice work. People are crazy when it comes to identifying gender on babies.

Wendy Olson said...

I need one of those flowers to put on a bad from down east!!!!

Koshy said...

people thing i am a guy!! just because i am skinny and sraight!! it is irritating!!

anyways the hat is cute.. the flower looks adorable


Ashley said...

Too cute! Short of dressing girls in head to toe pink all the time with a sign saying "I'm a girl" and I'd bet there would still be some crazy person saying "What a handsome looking lad!" just to be contrary! LOL! You did a great job!