Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March Visiting Teaching Message

I have the best visiting teaching companion and she is constantly coming up with the cutest things to give our ladies.  She has great websites that have fun ideas and has something darling almost every month.  She had a baby this month, so I told her I would take care of things.  Of course, I realize that today is the very last day of the month, but it is still March, so I knew that I had to come up with something today!  The message this month is about studying the scriptures.  Last night I was at Wal-mart and I kept trying to remind myself that I needed to get something I could drop off to our ladies.  I was just going to get some Easter candy, but when I walked past the Easter sprinkles, I thought, that might be a kind of fun thing to give them.  I am feeling pretty proud of myself.  This morning I put a little label on the sprinkles that said, "sprinkle" the scriptures through your day, the results will be "sweet".  I added some ribbon and a quote from President Monson from the lesson and I thought it turned out pretty cute.

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