Monday, November 9, 2009

David Shannon

David Shannon is one of my all time favorite authors. Everything he writes is wonderful. I think his most well-known books are his "David" books, however, he has written several other fantastic books. The first book I ever read of his is A Bad Case of the Stripes. This is the story of a girl who cares too much about what others think. She decides what foods she likes and dislikes based on what is popular. Something magical happens that makes her realize that it is okay to be different. When I was teaching school I read this book to my students every year. Now we read it regularly at our house. It is a simple, funny story that teaches a significant lesson that both adults and children need to be reminded of regularly. A Bad Case of the Stripes is a longer story than any of the other David Shannon books I have read, but the rest of his books I will be reviewing are ones that can be read to all ages. They are quick and silly and never have too many words on a page.
Alice the Fairy, is perfect for the little princess in your life. It is about a little girl who is telling the reader all about her rules for being a fairy. As you might guess, her "fairyhood" involves a lot of mischeif and troublemaking.
Duck on a Bike is the story of a duck who is sure he can ride a bike. The other farm animals are not so sure how they feel about a duck on a bike. This book is so silly that your can't help but love it!
Anyone who has ever had a puppy needs the book Good Dog Fergus. Fergus is a west highland terrier who doesn't exactly do what he is told. Pet owners will definitely identify with this book.

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