Monday, November 30, 2009

What I've Been Doing

My husband's extended family has a big Christmas party each year the day after Thanksgiving. One of Kyle's cousin's had these darling crocheted flowers in her girls' hair. She told me she had just made them on the drive to the party. AMAZING! Anyway, she told me where to find the directions at Little Birdie Secrets. I gave it a try Saturday night and this is what I came up with to match my daughter's Christmas dress. They didn't turn out near as cute as Kyle's counsin's, but I am hoping if I work on them a little, I can get them down a little better. I sewed on the buttons, because I was having trouble with changing yarn colors and getting it to look right. Then I just used embroidery floss to sew on some bobby pins. They looked really cute in my daughter's pigtails on Sunday.

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Wendy Olson said...

maybe you should make Jordyn some. You could also hook them to a headband!