Monday, January 4, 2010


The last few months I have been making my way through the Fablehaven books by Brandon Mull. If you haven't read them you need to. They are fantastic! I drug my feet a little with this series. I always seem to with the fantasy genre because somehow I always think I don't like fantasy books. I have no idea why I think that because lately I pretty much love any fantasy book I find myself reading. The more fantasy books I read, the more I realize that the genre is huge and covers far more subject matter than I can imagine, so I guess that is what I have to try and convince myself, there are certain types of fantasy books I do not enjoy, but the majority of them I find that I love! Anyway, the first book in the Fablehaven series started a little slow for me. I read it mostly because I was sure it was something my son would like, so I thought I better read it. Plus we were going on vacation and the paperback was dirt cheap at Wal-Mart, so I could have a small, lightweight book to travel with. From the descriptions I had read, the book seemed a little "out there" for me and frankly, pretty juvenile. Well, about halfway through the book I was hooked and by the time I got to the second book I couldn't read it fast enough. I finished the last one over the holidays and it is killing me that the final book doesn't get released until March! If you are a Harry Potter fan, it is pretty much a given that you will like Fablehaven. Like Harry Potter, the series appeals to adults and kids alike. I actually think a little younger child could read this series than could read Harry Potter. While it is definitely a book where good and evil battle and there are loads of bad guys, the scary parts aren't quite as dark and scary as some of the parts in Harry Potter. My seven year old Blake has heard all about it from one of his best friends who is reading the series and he has it all planned out that as soon as his dad finishes the last Harry Potter with him, we'll move on to the Fablehaven series.

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