Monday, January 11, 2010


I have always loved scrapbooking, but once I started having kids, time just got away from me.  I love taking pictures and have a ton, but rarely find time to do anything with them.  I bought this kit with my birthday money back in November and I got it recently and started using it with the new year.  It is set up so you can use it in lots of ways, but I am using it the way Becky Higgins suggests and trying to take a picture a day.  I am thrilled with it!  I have been trying to print off pictures every week or so and then I can just sit down for an hour and do all the little journaling cards for that week.  I am absolutely loving it!  I spent some time on it last night and I am feeling so good that I am keeping much more of a journal of my family's life and it is so manageable.  I hope she keeps making these kits for each year, because I will keep buying them!  It is an amazing system! 

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Wendy Olson said...

That looks awesome. I should really do somthing like that. I will have to come and see yours sometime!