Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Many Colored Days, by Dr. Seuss

Paige just started a new little dance class that is absolutely wonderful!  They have been using this book and colored scarves as part of their classes the last few weeks.  The book is called My Many Colored Days.  It is written by Dr. Seuss, but he did not illustrate it.  I loved to use it when I was teaching for teaching art and it is great to use for creative writing.  It talks about how you feel like different colors on different days.  In Paige's dance class they use colored scarves to dance the different feelings.  Since I have the book, we decided to adapt it to use at home.  Last night we had a great time reading the book and each time I would say a different color, she would run around with a different colored scarf.  Reading this book also provides the perfect opportunity to talk with your kids about feelings.  I started asking Paige what color her day was and my older son even joined in and told us what color his day was.  We didn't do this last night, but this activity could be extended to making your own book.  Have your child draw pictures for different colored days.  You could get out paints and paint each different colored day or make collages in different colors from pictures cut out from magazines. 

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