Sunday, May 23, 2010

Flower Bracelet Tutorial

This was the easiest bracelet ever to make, but a little tricky to try and photograph on myself.  Sorry about the weird angle.  I made a bunch of these flowers awhile ago to use for a couple of different projects and I planned on getting some alligator clips and gluing them on for hairbows for my girls.  I keep forgetting to buy the clips and in the meantime came up with this.  I went to put some tights on Paige that were actually too small, but we needed white and that was what was clean, anyway, as we pulled them on, we discovered a huge hole and had to find something else.  I was thinking about trying to use the ruined tights to make some head bands, so I just cut across one of the legs and made a strip about 1/2 inch wide, to see if the size was right.  Evidently, when making baby or child headbands, you need to use adult size tights, this band didn't even come close to fitting Brynne's head (not that it matters because she hates anything on her head), but I noticed the itty-bitty headband was the perfect size for my wrist.  I grabbed one of the flowers I had made for hair bows and wip stitched it to the mini-headband and ta-da, perfect bracelet that for once cannot be ruined by small children.  Unfortunately, Paige has decided that she loves it and it has to be wrapped double around her tiny wrist and is now stretched out to the point it no longer fits me.  We decided we will be going through all the old t-shirts in the house and looking for fabric to make more colors.  The flower is just a strip cut from an old t-shirt, about 2 inches by 18 inches.  Then use a sewing machine set to the loosest stitch length and sew down the middle of your strip.  Then take the top string from one side and pull.  the strip will ruffle and you just fold it in half.  take a needle and thread and start rolling it in to itself until it looks like a rosebud then start whipstitching it together.  When it looks the way you want, you are done.  There are a million different types of flower tutorials online and any one would work for this type of bracelet.  I also think it would be cute with 3 different sized flowers all sewn onto the bracelet. 

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