Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

I had a fantastic Mother's Day complete with some jewelry from my favorite place, Brighton Jewelry and my daughter singing with the other primary kids for the first time in Sacrament meeting (there is nothing as great as watching your sunbeam sing in primary!).  I also got what seemed like a ridiculous present at first.  When I opened it,  I looked at my husband like he had truly lost his mind, but the more I have thought about it, the more I have realized what a wonderful present it is, in fact it may be one of the best I have gotten.  My husband and son went shopping just the two of them yesterday and picked out my jewelry and then they went to Barnes and Noble and my son picked out the book Football for Dummies for me.  For those who don't know me very well, sports is not my thing.  I don't hate sports, I just tend to see them as a social event.  I happen to be married to and have a son that live, eat and breathe sports.  There is always some sort of game on TV at our house.  I have even caught my husband watching pool and bowling on TV a few times.  I have learned to be sure to plan activities based around the BYU football schedule and Duke basketball schedule.  Anyway, when I opened the book, my husband informed me that my son specifically wanted me to read it and learn all about the rules of football.  In all honesty, I can think of very few things that sound more boring to me and the fact that he was saying it was important to my son meant I was actually going to have to do it.  Later in the day, I was telling a family member about this gift and sort of rolling my eyes and she said, " you know in a way, it is really sweet".  Well, that got me thinking and the more I thought about it, the more I realized that she was right.  I talked to my son and said that what would make the book really great for me would be if we could read it together.  He lit right up and said, "How about if I start reading it out loud to you for my 20 minutes of reading for my homework today".  Amazingly, he read it better than the book his teacher sent home for his homework even though it is a much harder book and I didn't have to nag him about it for even a minute.  Plus, he wanted to bring it over to his grandparents house for in case he had some extra time to read it and he begged to stay up just a few minutes later so he could finish a chapter.  I realized that both Blake and my husband had thought about the fact that I love to read and had chosen a gift for me that involved something I love and something they love.  On top of their thoughtfulness, I recieved an even better gift.  I got to see my son loving a book and loving reading in way that I have been waiting for since he was first born.  I love that for Mother's Day I got to see him begin to discover the same love of reading that I have and that I have been working so hard to help him develop!  Thanks Kyle and Blake for making my day so special!


Rob Dog said...

So cute!! I can totally picture Blake and Kyle at Barnes and Noble, looking at each other like ok we know she likes books but now where...then like lets check the sports section! :) That is really cute! I am gonna have to ask Blake if he is secretly calling you a dummy though!! ha ha ha! Anyway loved this post!! Points to both the boys in your life, jewelry, and a book!

Carter said...

That really is cute. Grayden brought me home a present from nursery and after he showed it to me he ate it!!!! So points for Blake for actually letting you keep it!