Sunday, May 2, 2010


One of my sister-in-law's first introduced me to Ruby's a few years ago.  She grew up in Southern California where you can find Ruby's scattered along the piers up the coastline.  We began our recent family vacation in the LA area and since my husband and kids had not experienced Ruby's we decided to head to the Huntington Beach Ruby's.  It was only about 20 minutes from the hotel we were staying in and it was definitely worth it.  It is the perfect place for kids.  The only negative was the lack of public bathrooms!  Ruby's is a '50's style diner located at the very tip of the pier.  To get to it we got to walk out along the pier and see all the fisherman and watch them catching and cleaning their fish (3 and 7 year olds are fascinated by the gore), then we got to go up on the roof and eat our food looking out over the ocean.  It was perfect!  It was pretty cold that night, so instead of shakes, we got hot chocolate with our burgers and fries, but Ruby's is prepared, we got to sit next to a heater and were still able to watch all the seagulls.  If you are headed to Southern California, Ruby's is a definite must stop!

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Team Beardshall said...

Yum, that sounds great! My gosh I might need to whip out the hot chocolate lately since it's been so cold! I think I need to plan a trip to go there! Maybe I just want to go on a trip!