Thursday, May 13, 2010

Scholastic Warehouse Book Sale

My girls and I went to the Scholastic Warehouse book sale this week.  It is a dangerous place for me because most of their books are 50% off and they e-mail coupons that take additional amounts off.  You never know what you may find, but they tend to have lots of the most current and popular kids books.  I tried to focus on getting stuff for my 8 year old son to read over the summer and stuff that I could read aloud to him.  I naturally stock up on books the girls will love because they tend to be the same things that I love.  It is harder to try and think like an 8 year old boy.  I was excited to find a cd of a bunch of the Flat Stanley books.  I read a bunch of these to Blake when he was in kindergarten and first grade and his teacher this year did a project about Flat Stanley, so it has become a bit of a favorite here.  I am hoping to have Blake listen to the CD's and follow along in his books some over the summer.  He is at the point with reading where it would really help him to work on fluency and reading so everything comes together.  He always wants to read stuff that is too hard and then he misses the story because he gets stuck on so many words. Scholastic holds their sales all over the country and they happen several times a year.  If you haven't already, go to their website and sign up to get their e-mails.  You will love all the book deals!


Heather V. said...

Heidi-Thanks for the link. I used to go there when I was teaching K, but I haven't been since I started my own preschool. I would love to get back there for some killer deals. (But Jeff probably thinks we have plenty of books around here-I'm a total book junkie!) BTW-I'm glad I found your blog-tell your parents HI!

Heidi said...

Thanks Heather. Kyle feels the same way, but he knows I am a hopeless case when it comes to books!

Wendy Olson said...

seriously where do you store all these books???? I think we are going to start coming to your house instead of the library!!! Then I won't have to pay any overdue fines!!!